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The success of your business strategy depends on your ability to maximise your most important asset – your employees. If they are to perform at their best in the long term, you need to invest in their development, motivate them and offer support when they need it.

Performance & Wellbeing can make a difference by working with your HR team to increase the engagement of staff and provide targeted coaching for individuals in need of support. In the process, we can help you retain your strongest performers and enhance your reputation as an employer.

Our distinctive, holistic approach to executive coaching means we proactively ask individual clients about all the factors that affect their performance, from professional competencies and working practices to wellbeing issues such as stress. Then we work with the client to develop their confidence, skills and resilience so they can recognise and manage difficulties as they arise, enabling them to perform more effectively.

And we can help you meet your corporate responsibilities as an employer in many other ways, such as meeting your commitment to inclusion and diversity. For example, our on-site coaching clinics and workshops will allow you to connect with more staff within your organisation. In addition, our group coaching programmes for line managers will embed inclusive management skills, showing participants how to provide appropriate support for staff with disabilities or other health issues and address disruptive problems such as long-term absenteeism.

  • Improve employee engagement and performance
  • Build your reputation as a responsible employer and attract the best candidates
  • Reduce likelihood of acrimonious grievances and employment tribunals
  • Improve staff retention and reduce sickness absence, stress and burnout
  • Help meet your organisation’s commitment to inclusion and diversity