Here is just some of the feedback we have received from clients and sponsors. The sensitive nature of some of our work means their identity cannot be revealed.

Coaching clients

It was a great experience to be coached by Liz. I have become more assertive, both in my professional as well as personal life and I have done things I would never have had the courage or conviction to do before. Liz made me feel comfortable enough to talk through some of the harder issues, so that I could better understand myself but more importantly learn a better way of dealing with things. I credit Liz for drawing out my ability to face and overcome some big challenges I was facing which helped me improve my performance

Member of Talent Programme, FTSE 100 Manufacturing Company

The agenda was to enable me to work more effectively with my peers and line managers.

The sessions with Liz enabled me to change how I worked with colleagues and superiors in my job. The benefits were less stressful working conditions, where I was more able to control the mood of meetings, by being more mindful of other participants needs. I was also more conscious of my own wellbeing, and that of my colleagues which enabled me to place what had previously been crisis situations into perspective and become a much more effective manager.

I felt that Liz’s coaching style was effective, she managed to identify traits in my character and aspects of my life (including personal life), which caused me to behave in the way that I did. She was extremely professional in her approach and maintained a positive outlook at all times.

Operations Director, international IT Company

Liz has been superb – she has challenged my strategy and thinking and played a crucial part in my development. The level of understanding, professionalism, responsiveness, genuine concern and interest has been outstanding. I now feel quite buoyant about my future.

Programme Manager, Electronics Company

Your comments helped me reflect on my situation and to make explicit, even to myself, the necessary agenda. There are some risks and there is a lot to do, but I am indebted to you for your time and the warmth of approach.

Director, NHS

I have seen a direct link between the time I have spent with Liz and significant improvements in my approach to work. The most pleasing aspect of this was the speed with which progress was made.

Liz is a pragmatic coach, who coaches in a supportive way. We have had a number of uncomfortable conversations but I have always felt that my environment during coaching was safe.

Partner, Accountancy Firm

I was struggling with how best to develop my career and current role at the same time as trying to cope with the physical and emotional demands of on-going medical treatment. I felt I wasn't committing sufficient energy or attention to either and didn't know which way to turn.

My sessions with Liz helped to me to understand and then prioritise the key issues so I felt I was able to start balancing the competing demands on my time and energy. I started to identify short term solutions so I felt more in control and to able plan ahead. Every session left me with food for thought and I started to make some big decisions about my life and work that before had been too big to tackle.

Liz makes it very easy to talk about personal issues as well as the professional ones that all coaches are used to. I would not hesitate to recommend her to others.

Senior HR Manager, Law Firm

…I have had to deal with some extraordinary situations and Liz has been essential in supporting and coaching me to deal with sometimes very stressful and distressing incidents.

In addition she has helped me to develop my managerial skills through improving my self-perception and giving me a better understanding of my strengths and weaknesses.

Liz has a wonderful style and approach to coaching and I immediately developed a rapport with her that put me at ease and enabled me to be very open and honest with her.

Department head, Local Government

Anyone who has been going through the process of job search, knows that it takes hard work and affects you emotionally – Liz has been very supportive and really helped me in believing in myself and putting my focus where it should be. With her depth and experience she could provide me with really good advice and encourage me to prepare myself for different scenarios to ensure my success.

HR Director, Business planning firm

I really enjoyed working with Performance and Wellbeing and found their insight and guidance patient and considerate throughout our work together. My coach helped me understand my motivations and approach towards my career, and my expectations from work. The insight and guidance we developed together helped me negotiate current working relationships and realign my approach to our organisational environment. All the work we did together considered my underlying expectations of career balanced against my current working situation, and supported me with practical guidance on how to potentially change – in both the short and longer term. I felt that overall the work we did helped me align my ambition with my wider views around what work means for me, in a very supportive, flexible and perceptive setting and allowed insights and developments significantly outside of what I could manage myself.

Consultant, Management consulting firm

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Over a number of years I have commissioned Liz as an executive coach including recommending her to other organisations. I have continued to use Liz as a coach.

She manages the coaching relationship extremely well, not only with the individual, but also with the sponsor and other key stakeholders. She can handle the most sensitive issues, boundaries and client confidentiality whilst achieving outstanding results. I have the greatest of respect for her professionalism.

Head of Learning and Development, Law Firm

Your workshops were excellent. We have experienced resistance [internally] on this topic and I was hesitant about the reaction from delegates. I needn’t have worried – it was expertly delivered and your style complemented our organisation very well.

I particularly appreciate the way you adapted the workshop, quite significantly in places, to deal with the delegates concerns

Director of Nursing, NHS

I asked Liz rather than other coaches to take clients on because of a combination of factors. She combines warmth of style with insight and considerable business experience. Her commitment to a professional, ethical approach and her very good use of supervision were also factors.

Manager of coaching services, International Coaching Practice

Liz is an exceptionally good coach. [She] helped us manage many difficult and challenging situations [and] helped people who had become stuck become productive and happier.

Head of Leadership, Government Department

Liz really made the attendees think about their futures. Your down-to-earth style of presenting was much appreciated by the group as it put them very much at their ease.

Manager, Membership organisation

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