Occupational Health

Even outstanding employees can be affected by stress or poor health but with appropriate support from their organisation, many should be able to perform at the highest level again.

Occupational Health departments have a central role in overseeing the safe return to work of an employee after extended sick leave, ensuring that reasonable adjustments are made to their working conditions and monitoring their health in the workplace. Performance & Wellbeing will complement this important work by helping the employee to adapt and find new ways of working which reduce the likelihood of relapse.

Unlike many executive coaching services which focus on professional competencies, we will address all the issues which may affect our clients’ capacity to do their job, including their physical and mental health. We help them incorporate Occupational Health recommendations into their working lives; modify their thinking and behaviour to avoid previous counterproductive patterns; and identify areas where they need help from their employer or other professionals.

As well as smoothing people’s transition back to work, we can work with you to establish an organisational culture which prioritises physical and mental wellbeing, helping to pre-empt the issues which lead to sickness absence. For example, our workshops and seminars can be used to discuss the importance of a good work-life balance or teamwork, while our forum theatre sessions are an engaging way to explore sensitive subjects such as mental health.

  • Reduced levels of sickness absence
  • Help employees return to work successfully following long-term sickness absence
  • Improve self-management skills in those with long-term health problems
  • Help promote culture of wellbeing in the workplace
  • Alleviate demands on occupational health department