Line Managers

To get the best from teams, managers have to create a positive working environment and provide clear and confident leadership when problems arise.

But it can be a challenge, particularly for inexperienced managers, to master an increased workload and take control of difficult situations. For example, how can you maximise team productivity and constructively manage a colleague whose performance is falling short?

On a 1:1 basis or as part of a small group, our executive coaching is ideal if you are making the transition to a senior role because our objective is to ensure you can sustain your focus and effort over the long-term, no matter what additional challenges are thrown at you.

Our holistic approach means we will look at all the potential barriers to achieving your goals, including professional competencies, workplace relationships and wellbeing issues such as stress and health concerns. And we help you develop the skills to manage yourself and others effectively, from initiating difficult conversations to promoting a positive and inclusive culture in your team which keeps staff engaged and motivated.

In addition to our coaching services, Performance & Wellbeing also provide practical workshops and seminars and interactive forum theatre. These are a time-efficient way of addressing different aspects of effective management with larger groups.

  • Manage performance and wellbeing issues confidently and effectively
  • Develop your leadership skills and reduce reliance on HR department
  • Increase your own emotional and physical resilience
  • Improve staff retention and reduce sickness absence
  • Help reduce likelihood of acrimonious grievances and employment tribunals