Learning & Development

The most successful learning and development strategies increase organisational performance by maximising the potential of talented individuals and engaging all staff with inclusive opportunities to boost their knowledge and skills. Performance & Wellbeing Ltd offer a range of services with an extra dimension – we also address the impact of wellbeing on performance.

Our personalised 1:1 coaching programmes encourage high-achieving individuals to look at all the factors that may affect their capacity to work, from competencies to wellbeing issues which are often excluded by other coaches. This holistic approach helps clients enhance their professional skills and change unhelpful patterns of thinking and behaviour, ensuring they can sustain their performance levels at work no matter what demands they face.

In addition, we can deliver coaching to groups of six to eight managers, HR or L&D professionals. These sessions focus on developing confidence, communication and leadership skills so they can be a positive influence within their team and address performance and wellbeing issues when necessary.

Alongside our core coaching services, we can help you reach out to all staff in your organisation through our motivational seminars and workshops which boost employee engagement and promote universally important skills such as effective team working. Meanwhile, our innovative forum theatre sessions are a great way to address sensitive subjects such as equality and diversity.

  • Nurture and develop high-performing staff
  • Enhance employee engagement and motivation
  • Ensure your learning and development is inclusive
  • Improve employees’ self-management skills