Training and Supervision of Internal Coaches

In-house coaches are a great asset for an organisation. As well as improving the motivation and performance of individual employees; they have the organisational knowledge to make a difference at all levels, helping to create an inclusive workplace which fosters employee engagement and generates success.

This means they need to be aware of and manage specific boundaries and professional dilemmas.

Performance & Wellbeing provide specialist training and supervision for internal coaches so they can actively manage their own professional development, from learning new evidence-based techniques to enhancing their skills. Coaches who work alone within their organisation can find such external support particularly reassuring and it also helps to ensure staff benefit from high-quality professional coaching.

Coaching supervision is available for individuals or groups of coaches, providing a forum to discuss, reflect on and learn from their most complex coaching engagements. Our expertise in wellbeing means we can also develop the coaches’ own levels of emotional resilience and their capacity to manage challenging aspects of executive coaching such as maintaining boundaries.

Our practical training workshops provide an opportunity for each coach to develop their professional skills and understanding of the relationship between performance and wellbeing. We can organise a range of sessions to address common concerns such as identifying when, and how to refer a client to another professional and managing the end of the coaching relationship.