Group Coaching

The most successful managers have the emotional intelligence to lead others, inspiring them to meet performance targets and work together.

However, these skills are not automatically acquired along with a new job title. Promotion to a senior role can prompt many people to question themselves, especially when trying to juggle their own workload with their wider responsibilities for other members of their team. And even experienced managers can struggle with sensitive issues such as stress and illness.

Performance & Wellbeing’s Group Coaching programmes enable managers to develop the skills to identify and deal effectively with staff performance and wellbeing issues when they arise. During each tailored session, our expert coaches work with small groups of six to eight managers or HR professionals to develop their confidence, leadership and communication skills.

Most importantly, we encourage participants to discuss the real management challenges they face. Under the guidance of our specialist coaches, members of the group can then evaluate the pros and cons of different approaches; consider the organisational support available; and learn from the different perspectives and experiences of others.

We believe the benefits of a group coaching programme should be felt by more than the individual participants. By developing a cadre of talented executives with the skills to promote performance and wellbeing within their teams, the whole organisation should ultimately reap the rewards.