Ethical Commitment

Our success as executive coaches is founded on the strong professional relationships we establish with our clients and their sponsors, relationships which are built on trust.

To justify your confidence in us, we are committed to meeting the highest professional standards. In addition to the guidelines set out by our professional bodies, the Association for Professional Executive Coaching and Supervision (APECS) and the European Mentoring and Coaching Council (EMCC), we have set out our own code of ethical conduct below:


  • Our coaches work with clients from all backgrounds, regardless of gender, race, class, sexuality, beliefs, health or disability.
  • We expect organisations to ensure inclusive access to the professional development and wellbeing services we provide.


  • We respect the confidentiality of our clients and will protect the information volunteered during coaching and training sessions from improper disclosure.
  • Our ethical commitment to confidentiality does not prevent us disclosing information in extreme circumstances, such as where the client presents a risk to themselves or others or is involved in criminal acts.
  • We respect the commercial confidentiality of the organisations with which we work.
  • If we produce a case study about a coaching assignment, we will always seek prior consent from the client and the sponsoring organisation and the case study itself will be anonymised.

Boundary setting

  • We provide executive coaching programmes to help people improve their performance at work; our coaches do not provide counselling or psychotherapy. We will advise clients if we think they might benefit from these services.
  • We always agree the objectives and length of a coaching programme with the sponsor and client before the first coaching session. A review meeting is held at the end of the coaching programme to assess what has been achieved.

Charges and feedback

  • We will obtain your agreement to the cost of our coaching programme before we begin and only invoice your organisation after the first coaching session, unless otherwise agreed.
  • If a client is unsure whether they want to work with the first coach they meet, we will arrange for them to meet another coach or they can choose an alternative from the profiles on our website, subject to the coach’s availability.
  • While the matters discussed during coaching sessions are confidential, we will keep coaching sponsors informed of the number of sessions used, the dates of meetings and any sessions lost because of late cancellation by the client.

Quality assurance

  • We encourage clients and coaching sponsors to provide feedback about the quality of the coaching they have received. Anonymised positive and negative feedback is discussed during company meetings so that good practice and learning points are shared.
  • As part of their continuing professional development, all our coaches take part in regular professional supervisions with an accredited supervisor to evaluate their effectiveness, encourage them to reflect on their practice and improve.
  • We want all coaching sponsors and clients to be happy with their experience of Performance & Wellbeing. If you are concerned about any aspect of our service, please let us know as soon as possible so we can help to resolve the problem. Email Paul John-Baptiste, our Director of Operations and Client services, at